Thursday, March 18

This set is NOW SOLD
Goddess Bead Series #16

"Old Norse myth name of the goddess of love, derived from the Old High German element frouwa, meaning lady, mistress"

Materials: CIM, Effetre and Double Helix glasses

Decorating these 11 CiM Lapis blue based beads are encased

stormportals of silver infused Double Helix glass,
Terranova & Triton. Terranova glass strikes to hues of blue & green. Sealed with gleaming Triton dots finish this set.

Complimenting the set of goddess beads are 16 Lapis blue spacers

Silver Maple
This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: CiM Glass & 99% Pure Silver

These simple yet elegant beads are based with the rich transparent brown
resembling maple syrup glass by CiM,known as Maple. On each bead,
99% pure fine silver wire was wrapped and gently melted into thread-like trails.

These beads are perfect for jewelry designs for the office or

elegant evening out!

Sign of Spring

This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre Glasses & Glass Diversions Frit

Although it may look like the Momma Robin has been busy.... these are actual
beads that I completed over the last weekend of March 2009.
(If you still don't believe me... check out the top bead...
you can just see the hole slightly on the side)

Roba Koza has a beautiful frit, Robin's Egg, and well it is
pretty accurate in its coloring.

Normally I do not repeat sets, but once a year I will create these beads and
offer one set to buyers via E-Bay. Making them gets me in a "spring-forward"
mood and I am sure the person who wears these will feel the same.

This year's offering is a 17 bead set on a base of Effetre White with a
delicate sprinkling of Robin Egg frit.

Deep Blue Aurae

This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

This gleaming set of beads is a combination of Effetre's Intense Blue &
Double Helix Aurae. Shards of
Double Helix Aurae decorate these beads.

This is a great colour combination and the variety of shapes to allow for

lots of glass art design options.

Spring Silver Glass

This Set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

This set is a variety mix of shapes and sizes using Double Helix silver infused
glasses including, Aurae, Ekho as well as rare test glasses known as
KA-357 and TE-315.
These silver glasses when reduced and encased
capture the most beautiful
color shifting mother of pearl hues of pink and
blues. When used as a surface decoration, the metallic
reduction of the
silver infused glass which also fumed the golden hues
to the pink base glass.

This is a one of a kind selection set of these most beautiful spring pastel

beads that can be mixed and matched in a variety of art jewelry pieces.

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