Friday, March 19

A Very Talented Jewelry Artist!

I want to introduce you to a talented jewelry artist that I have recently met through my E-Bay auctions. It gives me such pride to see how my beads (my babies!!) go out into the world and combine into such beautiful and intricate designs.

Marina Aivar and her jewelry line named Designs by Nikol are a mix of lampwork beads and beadwoven chains of seed beads. Each is unique and a true work of artistry.

She began purchasing Pendragonfyre beads and was gracious enough to share some photos of her finished work.If you are interested in seeing more of her work, feel free to contact me for her email address or view more of her photos by clicking here.

Thank you Marina for sharing your talent with us!

Rose & Black
These beads were part of a monthly offering of Orphan Beads

Marina created an amazing color play in this necklace below.

Painted Watercolors

Click here to see the original bead set

Cocoa Blue

Click here to see the original bead set

Lapis Blue

Click here to see the original bead set

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