Monday, March 29

The End of March! Spring Around the Corner.... PLEASE BE SO!!

India Bazaar
This Set is NOW SOLD
Materials: CiM and Effetre Glasses

With a combination of 2010's popular summer colours,
Turquoise (CiM's Smurfy),
Tomato Red (Effetre Dark Red) and
Orange (CiM's Pumpkin), this
32 bead set of East Indian inspired
beads are a great start to summer jewelry creations.

There are lots of dots, swirls as well as generous number of solid color
spacers for earrings too!


Goddess Bead Series #17

This Set is NOW SOLD
" (γ‚€γ‚ΆγƒŠγƒŸ) - Japanese myth name of the wife of
Izanagi, meaning female who invites "

Effetre and Double Helix glasses

Decorating these 13 Effetre Sediment and Dark Ivory based
beads are encased storm
portals of various silver infused
Double Helix glasses, Pandora and Triton.

Included in this set are 8 Sediment spacers to complete the set.

Goddess Bead Orphans

This Set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre, CiM, TAG, Precision 104 and Double Helix glasses

This 22 bead set is an eclectic assortment of various Goddess
Beads beads.
The uniqueness of each goddess bead allows the
designer to create a truly one of a
kind piece of precious glass jewelry.
Each bead uses an base of Effetre or CiM glass with portals of
silver infused glass encased in clear to capture the richness of each silver droplet.


This Set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre and Double Helix glasses

This 21 bead set of spring inspired beads were created on a base
of Effetre's Light Lavender opaque glass. Glass frit in the shades
of blues, greens, and purples was carefully sprinkled and
Double Helix Aurae accents were added and gently reduced
to bring out the metallic glitter!

Along with 6 light lavender spacers, this total of 27 beads in this
set are complete for the welcoming of spring 2010!

Silver Blue Trails

This Set is NOW SOLD
Materials:Effetre, CiM Glass and 99% Pure Silver

This set of classic blue rounds are based on shades of
blue transparent glass
including CiM's Sapphire, Effetre Light
and Medium Blue.

Each round bead has a 99% pure silver wire trail wrapped
gentling and melted in
to create the dainty droplets of pure silver.

Simple, classic and elegant for daytime or evening jewelry creations.

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