Tuesday, November 22

Sharing Favorite Bead Styles - Goddess Portal Beads

One of my favourite style of beads to make is what I have named my Goddess Beads. 

Way back starting in 2010, I had a series of beads with unique combinations of glasses within the style of these “bumpy” portal beads. 

Each set was a unique combination of glasses with silver glass portals captured under clear bubbles each named after a Goddess name.
You can see these sets on my blog searching under the Goddess category or following this link.

I have recently revisited this style again out of the sheer pleasure of creating them.
This post highlights 2 new sets created recently.

This first set started on a base of CiM - Creation Is Messy’s Limelight, a light transparent green that is beautifully fresh green tone.

The silver glass was stormed and reduced and captured under clear portals of Double Helix Zephyr.

The Chloe silver glass is a speckled silver glass that when reduced brings out various speckled mother of pearl reactions in shades of yellows, blues, pinks and purples.

To complete each bead, dots of silver infused OX-376 was added and reduced to a metallic shine.

Below, is a set of 3 Goddess beads started with a base of CiM’s Maroon, a dense maroon red.

I have created several other sets of beads with this glass and they are highlights on CiM’s website. This glass loves silver so it was a natural to try it out with the Goddess style.

Starting on a base of this glass, I layered dots of CiM’s Painted Hill, an opaque yellow, and CiM’s rare Black Currant, a very dark transparent purple that appears almost black . 

For silver glass, I used some rare TAG Golden Emerald from my archive stash. It is a great glass to storm and create various hues from blues to pinks. 
Unfortunately, Trautman Art Glass (TAG) appears to no longer be in business, so I will cherish and hoard my stash as a result.
If you are seeking out this glass, check with Nortel in Toronto or google suppliers in the USA.

Clear portal dots of Effetre clear were added to capture the stormed reaction of the silver glass.
Dots of Double Helix Hyperion complete each bead with hues of purples and blues.


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