Thursday, January 31

Spring 2019 - New CiM Color - Budgerigar Ltd Run

Today's post highlights one of the many new CiM - Creation Is Messy green colors for Spring 2019.

The beads below were created from CiM's Budgerigar Ltd Run.
Described as a translucent lime green which is bright and cheerful for spring.

It plays nice with silver glass whether it is on the surface or as a base with silver glass frit encased in clear.

The first focal bead was created with a sprinkle of Val Cox new frit, Flora. It was then encased with Double Helix Zephyr clear glass
You will see a wrap of 99% fine silver at the centre of the bead that was melted in to create the silver droplets suspending in the glass.

The second focal tested encasing Budgerigar with DH Zephyr and layers of Double Helix silver glasses, Kronos 2 and Helios. 

Unfortunately, I spent too much time playing with the decoration and the glass cooled too much and resulted in a crack. Not the fault of the glass, it was definitely the artist.

Definitely a very pretty color and I am looking forward to further testing this with other silver glasses.

All the new CiM colors are available through Contact Jean for your glass needs!


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