Thursday, December 20

Torch Session - Revisiting CiM Colors - The Green Palette

CiM - Creation Is Messy’s extensive list of colors to a new beadmaker may seem overwhelming. Beautiful colors with amazingly creative names.

The best resource to seem some time getting to know the color ranges is the CiM website.
Kathy’s organization by hue palette has allowed me to mix and match color families easily.
Over the next few weeks, I will continue to revisit some that deserve a second look.

Today’s post are beads from the CiM Green Palette.

Before I dig into the beads I made with a couple of the existing green colors, I wanted to alert everyone to the new greens that are currently under CiM's Preview.
I am anxiously awaiting my rods for color testing and will post those results in the new year, but take a look at the possibilities!

Click here to see all the new colors for January 2019!

First up, CiM's Oobleck. 
This color is an opaque vibrant acid green that really does remind me of the story books and movies that are so familiar with this name.

I had previously tested this glass with Double Helix silver glass, see that Jan 2018 blog post here.

In this set, I wanted to show it in a simple set with 99% silver wire. Oobleck stayed true with no dark reaction.

CiM's Peacock Green and Rainforest are colors that have been around for a while and I have used them in many sets before.

In this set I wanted to pair them up into one bead to test for any reactions.
Peacock Green is known as a milky green moonstone that allows light to transmit through the glass making the centre of this bead appear to almost glow from within.

The shoulders of the focal bead made from Rainforest  a green teal opal glass that is dense  and deep in it's hue. With 99% silver wire, the bead shines with no adverse reaction.

I have tested both of these glasses in the past and it is beautiful when combined with silver glass.
Here are a few previous blog post links:
Paired with DH Aurae fine frit - glittering goodness!

Dragonscale beads with silver foil and handblended Pendragonfyre frit

Last set for this post was created with a base of CiM's Limelight Ltd Run. 
This glass is a very pale transparent green that was similar to tints available from other manufacturers.
The two central beads were sprinkled with Double Helix Aurae fine glass frit and reduced to a glitter metallic gleam and cast a golden glow to the bead surface.
The spacers show the clean and clear green color of the glass itself.

I have used Limelight in many bead sets and love this glass as a base for multi-layered beads and mixing with various silver infused glasses.
Here are a couple of eye candy to close off this post today. 
Click here for the full blog post.

As we close out 2018, I want to wish everyone holiday greetings and look forward to 2019 and new glass discoveries!

Til next time,

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