Wednesday, March 14

Sailor's Delight Sampler - CiM Birthstone and Fremen!

This week I am sharing the results of the testing of the glass colours contained in the Sailor's Delight Sampler pack of CiM - Creation is Messy colours from Nortel. 

These sampler packs are great for artists that:
- want to "try" a new colour without the commitment of purchasing a minimum 1/4 pound of a specific colour
- want to create multi-colour beads from a coordinated set of colours.

This sample pack is heavy on blue coloured rods, so let's get started with CiM Birthstone!
NOTE: According to the CiM website, this colour is SOLD OUT - But Nortel has it in stock. How great is that - Yippee.

I love this transparent blue glass that is just aqua enough to be beautiful when paired with Double Helix silver glass. 
Below the set shows the glass as spacers along with a focal bead with metallic scrolls. So pretty.

This next focal bead used another rod from the CiM sampler named Fremen

CiM's Fremen is a sky blue opaque glass  and it was paired with CiM Birthstone to create this vessel bead. 

Some 99% pure silver wire was wrapped around the top and you can see the slight reaction of the fuming of the silver where is connected to the Fremen sky blue opaque glass. 

There was no reaction when the silver touched the CiM Birthstone.

As always, I encourage you to reach our to Jean at Nortel to pick up a sampler or two.

More colour results from this sampler coming up in new posts this week!
Stay Tuned.


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