Friday, March 16

Sailor's Delight - CiM Jetstream

A new colour tests of the Sailor's Delight Sampler pack of CiM - Creation is Messy colours from Nortel

This focal bead was created with CiM - Creation is Messy's Jetstream. This transparent blue is a hue that can be compared to a deep sapphire blue which you can see in the spacer bead.
I paired it with some Double Helix Triton silver glass as well as a wrapping of 99% fine silver wire. After I shaped it into a barrel, I decided it needed more bling. 

I created the ruffle and dipped it into Triton fine frit. After multiple meltings and reductions, the silver metallic shine came through.
This is definitely a unique bead and I am pleased with how it transformed.

The photos below show the bead from a few different perspectives.

Happy Friday!

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