Sunday, March 18

Sailor's Delight Sampler - CiM Splash and Grumpy Bear

Happy Sunday everyone!

This post is another instalment of the blues in Nortel's Sailor's Delight colour sampler.

These sampler packs are great for artists that:
- want to "try" a new colour without the commitment of purchasing a minimum 1/4 pound of a specific colour
- want to create multi-colour beads from a coordinated set of colours.

The colours used in these beads are CiM's Splash and Grumpy Bear

As shown in the previous post, Splash is a light blue transparent that melts easily and is great for encasing. On the CiM website, it was noted that "Splash is a variation of Halong Bay that did not come out as an opal, but as a transparent instead".

CiM's Grumpy Bear is an opaque periwinkle blue just like the CareBear character. As a periwinkle it does create some reactions based on what you combine with it, so I tested it in this faux "vessel" shaped bead with some handmade frit and a wrapping of fine silver wire. 
This is where you see a slight bit of the reaction where the wire touches the Grumpy Bear.

I encased the bead's Grumpy Bear base with Splash and created the ends of the barrel shaped bead and a final quick wrap of more silver.

Check out the few photos below show it from a couple of perspectives and it is paired with the solid periwinkle opaque spacer beads.

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