Wednesday, March 21

Sailor's Delight - CiM Anchor, Splash and Grumpy Bear

This week I am sharing the results of the testing of the glass colours contained in the Sailor's Delight Sampler pack of CiM - Creation is Messy colours from Nortel. 

This post combines 3 CiM - Creation Is Messy colours within one bead set:

I have previously tested Splash and Grumpy Bear, check out these posts here!

Anchor is a deep dark transparent blue that actually appears to be black in the rod itself. The blue is so saturated that it seems to be used best as a decoration on a light base.
Below are several angles of the same set. 

 A few of the beads in the set used some silver glass that was reduced to create organic looking droplets. Check out the bumpy bead on the left. It is the same silver glass, but it was reduced to bring forth the green cast and notice how it fumed the grumpy glass with a golden hue.
The bead at the centre bottom is a bead that shows the darkness of Anchor as I created this bead from a twisty of Splash and Anchor. Notice the striations on the left of the bead.

Check out the bead to the right of centre bottom, this was created with a based on CiM Splash and decorated with Anchor and silver glass dots.

This set would be very nice in a simple bracelet with silver accents!

Til next time!

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