Sunday, November 12

CiM's Greens - Turtle Power , Jelly Bean and Apple Pie Limited Runs

This week’s post is highlighting a few more CiM - Creation is Messy Fall Colors that were released a few weeks ago.

First up, CiM's Turtle Power Limited Run green opaque glass. This set uses this glass as the base on which hand-blown glass shards were applied.
Making glass shards is an art in itself as it requires patience and just the right amount of air pressure in blowing the glass bubble. It's loads of fun, but I certainly not a pro at it.

If you want to see the process, click here for a video by Scarlett Impressions. In this set, the shards are Double Helix Helios silver glass that was applied and then reduced to a metallic shine. The Turtle Power green stayed bright with no reaction to the silver glass.

Next up is CiM's Apple Pie Limited Run which is described as an opaque minty pastel green. In the rod, the glass is a light green with a blue undertone. I decided to try it out with a Glass Diversions frit named Kismet. It held the glass frit well and allowed it to be twisted while retaining it's patterning.

One last green for this post is CiM's Jelly Bean Limited Run. This green is a bright opal green which I thought would be perfect with lots of bling from Double Helix Aurae silver glass frit!
Again this green stayed bright and cheerful with no fuming reaction from the silver glass.

I had a small bit of Jelly Bean left after making the set, so I swirled some silver glass and encased it and it held it's color and allowed the silver glass to create some beautiful color and mother of pearl reactions. 

Very difficult to photograph it's glassy goodness.

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