Thursday, November 10

Pink Cream and Maroon

I had posted a few weeks ago that I had gotten 20 pounds of Double Helix silver glass recently. Some of the glass was not labelled and that is always an adventure to experiment and determine what reactions will result in a bead.

I was really happily surprised with this one. The rod resembled a tan brown with a dark centre. Simple beads of the glass were struck and reduced and the reaction captured under a clear glass encasing. The veining is pink with touches of caramel within a cream bead.
Very interesting set with each bead a unique creation.

While we are in the pink/red side of the color spectrum, I have a new red glass from CiM - Creation is Messy to share testing results for - Maroon Ltd Run. This glass is dense, dark and cherry hue rich. 

The main beads show the base glass with metallic armour created with Double Helix Triton shards. The two glasses were meant to be together like a romance with the silver glass producing shades from gold, pink and blue.

The spacers are simply Maroon. A rich deep red.

Simply beautiful!

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