Friday, November 4

Pendant Bead Sets - A Couple More

In a blog post last Sunday, I shared some beads made to show techniques and compatibility of CiM - Creation is Messy glass with other brands.

The first photo shows the "plunged dot" technique with Double Helix silver infused glass to show the  mother of pearl results that come from reducing and encasing the glass.

The bead on the right started with a base of CiM Slate Ltd Run encased with Double Helix Terra2. After the multiple dots and encasement, the glasses produced deep blue reactions.

The bead on the left has a base of CiM Tutu Ltd Run with encased Double Helix Terra2 which produced shining mother of pearl pinky goodness.

The spacers are CiM Slate Ltd Run.

CiM Slate makes a great base of glass frit as well. The focal bead below has a sprinkling of Val Cox Starry Night frit that was melted in and swirled. The sparkles come from the blue aventurine in the frit.

The round focal beads below are simply silver glass beads encased in clear glass.

The left focal bead has plunged dot bubbles. 
The right focal bead has a trail of 99% pure fine silver wire added just before the clear encasement. This allows the silver to be captured and melted into micro-droplets and streams under the magnification effect of the clear glass.

The spacers in this photo are CiM Limelight Ltd Run, a pretty light green transparent glass.

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