Wednesday, November 2

African Violet, Blue Arrow Frog, Aloha and Prairie Glass - Lots of Color!

CiM - Creation is Messy's new limited runs were in response to requests for new blues, greens and purples. This post will highlight some of the new colors.

First up is a set of round beads that use CiM's new African Violet Ltd Run. This new purple is very dark and dense as a transparent. These beads started with a core of White Effetre glass that was encased with African Violet. As you can see, despite the white base, this purple is rich and deep.
The dots were created with CiM Aloha Ltd Run, a "rich, bright, dark turquoisey blue". Notice the slight striation in each dot that created a circle within each dot. 

These beads are bright and colorful with a rich blue base glass named Blue Arrow Frog Ltd Run.  I wrapped 99% fine silver wire around the base and quickly encased it in CiM Experimental clear glass. This melted and captured the micro-droplets of silver under the magnified look of the encasement.

Finally a quick test of CiM Aloha Ltd Run and green CiM Prairie Grass Ltd Run over Effetre white opaque glass. The dots stayed true and no adverse reaction where the glasses meet.
These are definitely two colors that I will use in the future for dotted beads!

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