Friday, July 26

CiM Glass testing.... Always Fun to use new colors!

Just a quick post to show you some new CiM - Creation is Messy colors I have been testing!

All Sets in this Post have been SOLD

First up... CiM's Aloe Juice, a lovely transparent green.
These beads are a base of CiM Aloe Juice with streams of Double Helix silver glass, Aurae, resulting in shiny goodness!

Next up... CiM's Cake Batter. This color is so new, it is not on the CiM website yet!

Cake Batter is a creamy ivory. I paired it with Val Cox Painter's Series, Royal Ballet.  The result is a set of beads with pairings of  Raku with a chorus of pinks ranging from super soft to super intense.

This set is created on a base of CiM's Larkspur, a limited run that has been around for a bit.
It is a transparent color that shifts between blue and lavender depending on your lighting. These nuggets are Val Cox Rio Nights frit swirled among the Larkspur to create these beads.

Finally is a set of beads with one of my favorite CiM glasses that unfortunately is no longer in production, CiM's Butter Pecan.

It is a joy to work with its creamy consistency. It makes this Double Helix Terranova 2 frit pop!

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