Tuesday, July 2

Simple Rounds in a rainbow of colors!

These sets are available in the Pendragonfyre Artfire Studio

Crayon Colors in CiM - Creation is Messy and Effetre Glasses

Colorful rounds in crayon colours bring brightness to this bead set!

Colors include:
CiM's Canary Yellow, Elphaba Ltd Run#1 green, French Blue and Maraschino red
Effetre's Medium Grass Green transparent, Medium Blue transparent and Red striking transparent.

Simple Rounds
CiM - Creation is Messy

Marble - A milky white moonstone when unworked, turns a marble-like white after annealing.

French Blue - An opaque blue.

Elphaba Ltd Run# 1- An opaque green.

Canary - An opaque yellow.

Effetre Glass

Medium Topaz Transparent

Medium Blue Transparent

Medium Grass Green Transparent

New Violet Opaque

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