Saturday, January 16

Mid January Thaw.... Thinking about spring!

Mid January always brings a short thaw here in New Brunswick. This year has been more mild than usual, more rain and less snow accumulation. For some, this is a good thing, less shoveling and lighter coats.

This weather allows me to spend more time in my studio, working on new techniques and thinking about what colors inspire me at this time of year.

These sets are prompting thoughts of spring, so I thought I would share these with you.



E-Bay Alert - For those of you watching for the latest set of Pendragonfyre Orphans to be posted, set your reminder for January 24th. This set will have over 100 beads!

Painted Watercolors
This set is now SOLD
Materials: CiM, Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

Lots of colors swirl and melt together to create this gentle watercolor bead set.
CiM's Heffalump, Mermaid, Simply Berry flow with Effetre Green Tea and then are encased under a layer of clear to capture and magnify each bead.
Dots of
Double Helix Aurae complete with delicate droplets of shining glitter.


This set is now SOLD
Materials: Vetrofond, Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

Encased storm portals of Double Helix silver infused glasses decorate
these beads over a base of Vetro Lemongrass and Effetre Dark Ivory glasses.
Highlights of Double Helix Aurae create the bling for this beautiful storm beads!

Cocoa Blue
This set is now SOLD
Materials: CiM & Effetre Glasses

CiM's new brown, Mink and Effetre Light Turquoise glasses combine
to create this unique bead set.
Lots of variety in the shapes and sizes of these beads including
multi-layer dotted and flower blossoms decorate the set.

Aqua Aurae
This set is now SOLD
Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

This gleaming set of beads is a combination of Effetre's Light Aquamarine
and Double Helix Aurae.
Shards and dots of Double Helix Aurae decorate these beads.
Great colour combinations and the variety of shapes to allow for
lots of glass art design options.

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