Wednesday, January 27

More Silver Glass sets!!

Hot from the kiln!

I was experimenting with a couple of ideas I had with silver glass and here are the results!

First I tried another test batch from Double Helix It is simply known as TE 315.
Double Helix describes it as:Ekho prototype, reduces and strikes.

Mermaid Jewels
Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

TE 315 was scrolled and striped on a base of Light Aquamarine transparent.
The bead was then reduced and encased with Effetre Clear. Finally they were
shaped into their cube shapes and lightly restruck to capture the colors.

Although it is difficult to photograph, the "mother of pearl" luster is spectacularly shining!

Next up, using a storm technique on flat tab beads!

Starry Night
This set is now sold
Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

A stormed mix of Gaia, Psyche, Triton, Nyx and Olympic Rain were
swirled on a base of Effetre Cobalt Blue transparent glass.
The bead
was then reduced and encased with Double Helix Aether.

Shaped into flat tabs, each was dotted with 5 sparkling stars in opposite corners.

Cobalt Blue spacers complete the midnight sky among the stars!

A closeup shot:

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