Tuesday, January 19

A couple new sets... more later this week!

Hawaiian Sunset
This set is now SOLD
Materials: CiM & Glass Diversions Glasses

This bountiful set of 23 frit beads on a base of CiM Peace captures the rich tropical hues of a Hawaiian sunset. Each bead brings a little sunshine in this mid winter chilly weather.

Capture this set of beads soon, as just like a beautiful sunset it is gone too soon!

BONUS: 25 genuine semi-precious Rose Quartz 5.5mm faceted round beads
are included in this set

Scarlet & White
This set is now SOLD
Materials: CiM & ASK 104 Glasses

This bright and cheerful set of beads are a welcome arrival in the midst of this winter season.

CiM's Peace, a clean opaque white, is paired with rare ASK 104's true red, Scarlet Dreams, to create this set of a variety of shapes within dotted and encased beads.

Lots of opportunity to create some art jewelry pieces with spring impact!

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