Wednesday, October 10

My Favorite Suppliers!

On my recent trip to Toronto, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit two of my favorite suppliers.

My gemstone supplier is Bling Bling on Queen St.
This store is a real find among the other jewelry industry suppliers in Toronto. The staff is very attentive and knowledgeable and they have a real desire to work with their clients. Their website is a bit limited in its information, but the store has an extensive inventory of semi precious stones.
Drop Ms. Law an email if you are located outside of Toronto.
If you within the GTA region, her store is definitely a worthwhile trip.

I have a new supplier that I am excited to be working with. Fantasy In Glass is located at 709 The Queensway in Toronto. The owner, Mikey Fig, assisted me in choosing equipment to upgrade my lampworking/ glass fusing workshop.

Rare in Canada, Fantasy in Glass deals in Bullseye Glass. I was able to hand select my fusing glass, choose my torch, oxygen concentrator and tools on site. They were prepared for shipping by Mikey and arrived in Moncton ready for me when I returned from my trip.

Mike Fig is a glass supplier that I will deal with exclusively as he took the time with me as a client. He provided me a 5 minute lesson in glass cutting, that I had previously struggled with for weeks at home (my previous tries ended in resorting with a hammer :)).

I have my new torch setup up and I LOVE Bullseye Glass!!! The colours are much more vibrant than Moretti and my creative spark is burning bright. Expect to see some of this new work appearing on the website over the next few weeks!

Check out the website and Mikey's Blog. Thank you Mikey, we will chat soon!
Now it is time for me to get back to my torch, it is a rainy day here so there is no better excuse to play!!

I will post photos of my studio set up within the next few weeks, not a lot of time for photos... I am too busy playing!

Til next time, smiles

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