Saturday, October 13

One More Plug for My Suppliers

I realized that in highlighting my suppliers from my recent trip to Toronto, I should have provided a plug for my other exclusive supplier for all my metal/chainmaille supplies.
I haven't had the opportunity to visit them at their location in Saskatchewan, but their customer service and assistance, feels like I am part of their extended family!
The Ring Lord (fun name!), is my exclusive supplier for my precious metals (silver, gold filled, copper, & bronze) for all my chainmaille designs. Jon and Bernice Daniels provide an extensive supply of jump rings, wire and metal jewelry tools via their website.
They also maintain an artisan's forum for sharing information as well as a Merchant's page to promote those of use in the industry.
Check out their website. Their service is great, prices very fair and shipping is quick!

I may be giving away all my industry secrets over these last two postings, but when you get great service and supplies, I can't keep them secret!

Til next time!

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