Saturday, October 20

A reward for a busy week.... a rainy Saturday??

I am sure that you have heard the old saying, "No one ever said that life was fair".
This was no better illustrated to me over this past week. It was a crazy week, busy at the office as we were promoting both the importance of Wellness/Life Balance (yes, we must be reminded on a regular basis) as well as launching our annual United Way fundraising campaign.
Based on the whirlwind week that I had, I would have enjoyed a reward of a sunny October weekend. Instead, I woke to rain drops spreading across my bedroom window and a reminder of all the laundry sitting in my hamper that needed to be done.
So, thus the dilemma, give in to the "gray cloud" outlook for my day, or find some "alternate sunshine". Over my first cup of coffee, (thank you Albert, my son!), I rewound my internal memory machine and reminded myself of my week's "sunshine".
This week was a great week for practicing my new skill of hypnosis. It is so easy to introduce the idea of hypnosis for change to those I met over the past week by simply offering to allow others to experience "how it feels". By the end of the week, I had completed 8 introductory sessions allowing participants to simply feel how good it is to spend 20 minutes in a complete relaxation session. From a mother with a desire for a more restful sleep, a future athlete striving to compete at the Olympic level, and a colleague embarking on a new career, I was excited to show how each could make change within themselves through hypnosis.

By the time that I finished my coffee, I noticed that the light in my room was brighter, so maybe there is something to the power of positive thinking... I am ready to pour another cup of coffee and head out to my glass studio for the afternoon. Why waste a rainy day? It is a perfect opportunity to clear out those "internal clouds" and find my own "sunny moments".
How will YOU BRING some SUNSHINE into YOUR world today?

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