Saturday, February 10

Sugar'd or Snow'd - You choose!

After the huge snowstorm that the east coast experienced last weekend, I have to bless the universe that our local area got a small dump but not the +150 cm that our Nova Scotia neighbours received.

On this snowy note, I wanted to share some sparkling beads that some call snow beads. 
I prefer to call them sugar beads.

The beads within this blog post are simple glass frit beads, but the combination of base pale color and clear frit raised frit create a beautiful tactile finish.

These beads are rolled in clear glass frit, which are small pieces of crushed glass. 
The frit melts and forms a thin layer of transparent glass over the sugar beads, enhancing their appearance.

The clear glass frit was from Glass Diversions. Reach out to Julie Miller for more information or to place an order!

I purchased the base glasses from Nortel in Toronto. 
The pink peach is part of a SALE BUNDLE currently being offered

First up, these beads are on a base of Italian Vetrofond Peach Pink 068 transparent glass.

This set is over Italian Effetre Light Yellow Emerald #071 transparent glass.

These sets are currently available in my Pendragonfyre Etsy shop.

Have a great Saturday!

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