Monday, February 26

Distressed and Tumbled - The Beads!

I wanted to share some new beads recently posted in my Etsy shop.
These beads have a distressed stone like appearance as they have been tumbled in my rock tumbler.
I do not use etching chemicals as I prefer a more natural process and do not like to have harsh chemicals in my studio. As well, there are a number of glasses that are resistant to etching chemicals but all can be naturally tumbled.

There is a variety of brands of glass bead sets that have been tumbled to create a natural stone like finish. 

Many jewelry designers will use these with semi precious stones to create a mixed media design. 
Each set paired the glass with fine silver wire wrapping creating droplets of silver around each bead.

First up, this set gives both a distressed and aged look. CiM - Creation Is Messy's Marble was used as the base glass. You will notice the reaction where the silver meets the base glass producing a gold yellow cast reminiscent of ancient marble statues in Europe.

CiM's Nymph is a green misty opal glass on which I wrapped a stream of Effetre Light Ivory and a wrap of fine silver. This is a beautiful color of green that when tumbled seems to glow from inside.

Another variation of this bead style was created with Bullseye's Sunset Coral with a wrap of French Vanilla and fine silver. 
I had expected this glass to be a brighter orange coral, but the silver fumed the glass creating a deeper red brown effect. Still beautiful with the tumbled matte stone finish.
Note the reaction to the silver in the second photo creating the weathered burnished look to each silver droplet.

I purchased this next glass as part of a special bundle at Nortel Glass. 

Vetrofond Pink #068 is a peachy pink transparent that I wrapped with a stream of Effetre Light Ivory and wraps of fine silver. This glass tumbles so nicely and allows the light to transmit through the bead 

This last bead set used just the base glass of Bullseye Juniper Tint with a wrap of silver wire.
Bullseye Tints are extremely light transparent glass colors that are beautiful in this application style,
I thought the color of the glass reminded me of sea glass once it was tumbled and it really didn't need the ivory added to the design. The silver droplets do look sea tumbled with the distressed edges of silver.

I primarily purchase all my glass from Jennifer and Jean at Nortel in Toronto so I am not sure if they have any of these specific colors in their back stock. 
You are welcome to reach out to them to check or they may have suggestions of similar offerings for your needs.


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