Monday, December 17

Torch Session - Revisiting CiM Colors - The Blue Palette

CiM - Creation Is Messy’s extensive list of colors to a new beadmaker may seem overwhelming. Beautiful colors with amazingly creative names.

The best resource to seem some time getting to know the color ranges is the CiM website.
Kathy’s organization by hue palette has allowed me to mix and match color families easily.
Over the next few weeks, I will be testing  new colors and revisiting some that deserve a second look.

Today’s post are beads from the Blue Palette

This focal bead was created with one half of the bead with CiM Limelight Ltd Run that was sprinkled with Double Helix fine Aurae glass frit.  Limelight is a great base for silver glass.
The other half of the focal along with the two spacer beads are CiM Blueyah Ltd Run. This transparent blue is showing as sold out on the CiM website, but it may still be available via Nortel glass.

CiM Jet Stream Ltd Run is a stunning rich blue. It is a beautiful base for silver glass as well as silver wire as shown in the simple classic set below.

The 3 central beads in this set was created with CiM Slate Ltd Run sprinkled with Double Helix fine Aurae glass frit and reduced to a golden glitter.

As  shown in the two spacer beads, this transparent slate blue stayed true and did not fume in the presence of the silver glass.

Here in this set, the same CiM Slate Ltd Run was complimented with 99% fine silver wire. 
Simple and elegant!

CiM Birthstone Ltd Run is an aqua blue transparent that is currently showing as sold out at CiM.
Check with Nortel as they may have some stashed away in their archives.
The focal cube bead was dotted with dots of Double Helix Light Aurae silver glass. 

CiM Seamist is a limited run glass that is currently sold out and I am hoarding my supply of it as it was created as a specialty formula of a core of clear, encased in transparent blue, encased in clear. The result creates unique beads with a cloudy look that is very pretty.
In testing the glass with silver, I did discover that 99% fine silver wire created a reaction that was most likely because of the outer layer of clear on the rod.
The reaction lends to an antique look that would also work well for natural nautical looks.

CiM Seamist and CiM Jet Stream Ltd Run were paired in the focal bead below.
You will notice that the silver wire was added to the areas that were predominately Jet Stream and the reaction that we saw in the previous set was less noticeable.
The two spacers are made with CiM Seamist.

Til next time, the next post will explore the Green Palette.


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