Tuesday, November 14

Revisiting CiM - Creation is Messy Siren! Happy results!

This post is revisiting CiM's Siren Limited Run
This is a transparent green that I had tested in a previous blog post. 
Click here to review that post.

This time I used Siren as a base glass for testing a rod of mystery silver glass sent out by Double Helix in their 2016 Garage Sale box.
I used it in twists and swirls over CiM's Siren and then added droplets of handmade silvered ivory stringer. The two glasses allowed the silvered ivory to be float and be suspended once the whole bead was encased with Double Helix's Zephyr non-reactive clear glass.
Various levels of reduction and the mix of blue and green hues seemed to glow from inside each unique bead.

These two big hole beads are beautiful suspended on the silver chain!

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