Monday, December 5

Pinks and Purples - Switching with Frit Focals

Hues of pink and purple are always popular in jewelry designs. 

In this post, I have created focal beads from bases of Effetre white opaque glass sprinkled with glass frit from the Valerie Cox collection.

By switching up the coordinating beads the look can be easily switched to create a different look.

First up, the focal bead has a mix of pink and purple hues over the white base. This mix is called Pink Lipstick. The white coordinating beads create a classic clean set.

By switching out the white spacers, the same focal bead is now paired with purple spacer beads created from CiM's Evil Queen, an opaque purple. 

In the final photo, by switching up the focal bead, we have another option for the necklace.

The focal bead here uses Val Cox's Fleeting Beauty frit over the base of white.

The CiM Evil Queen spacers coordinate to pull forward the purple hues in the focal bead.

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