Saturday, December 3

Big Hole Beads - Handmade and Interchangeable

Everyone is well aware of the jewelry trend over the last few years of brand name bracelets with interchangeable beads. There are lots of brand names that I don't need to make mention of directly.

Jewelry trends associated with brand names change so often that jumping one for a while is fun to collect but also costly once the trend wains. 

I have always believed in simplicity. In my opinion, glass beads can be beautiful without silver cores or brand name stamps.

For a recent trunk show, I displayed a few bead sets on simple silver plated necklace chain that allow the user to switch up the bead selections to match your mood or wardrobe choice.

Keeping it affordable allows you to have more options focusing on the beads rather than the chain.

Over the next few posts, I'll share some examples:

I love sea greens - aquamarine shades... this first set's focal bead used the same half and half combination as a set of beads that I highlighted on a previous blog post, check it out here.

CiM's Spearmint Ltd Run is the translucent opal glass paired with CiM's new turquoise glass named Quetzel Ltd Run. A stream of handmade silvered ivory was twisted to create the division between the two glass. 
The spacers that are paired with this set are another CiM glass from my stash called Mint Lozenge. I can't locate it on the CiM site, but the match is almost exact to CiM's Spearmint.

This next set doesn't have a focal bead, but is a simple combination of similar colors. This would be a great example of switching up beads of a new option for the necklace.

The beads in this set are CiM Mermaid, an opaque teal and CiM Mint Lozenge.

Until next post...

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