Sunday, December 4

Coffee Bean, Allspice and Velveteen

Just a quick post to share some earthy browns that are rich and spicy.

First up, this set features a focal bead created on a base of CiM Velveteen Ltd Run, a creamy light brown opal sprinkled with Glass Diversions Coffee Bean frit.

Velveteen on its own, the beads on each side of the focal bead, is a really interesting glass that creates striations of darker brown. This glass is already listed in the CiM archives, so it is very limited in quantities for glass bead makers.

The two outside beads are another new CiM glass called Allspice Ltd Run. It is described as an opal brown or "cinnamon alabaster".

I think these colors really compliment each other in this set.

Here is another look at the set.

The set below makes use again of CiM's Allspice Ltd Run beads around a focal cube bead of Effetre White with Glass Diversions Coffee Bean frit.

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