Tuesday, September 20

Two sets for today to share

The two sets to share today are both fritted beads using basic but different techniques that I normally make.

First up, a twisted frit design on round beads. Starting with a base of CiM - Creation is Messy Tutu Ltd Run - a pinky pink transparent. 
Val Cox Royal Ballet frit was sprinkled and melted in. Swirls were created with a twist of a clear mini stringer and then melted smooth and popped into the kiln.
The raku in the mixture to create the brown and green in some of the swirl results.

Next up, a glass frit encased bead set with primitive flower petals with a bubble centre.
On a base of CiM Limelight Ltd Run, a transparent light green on which Val Cox Rio Nights frit was melted and encased with Effete Superclear. The petals are CiM Alley Cat Ltd Run and CiM French Blue.

Have a great week!

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