Tuesday, June 26

Summer Soltice Bead Offerings

All Bead Sets within this Post are NOW SOLD.

Dragonscales Series #2

"Name derived from the Saxon word Wivere, which means "serpent""

Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy, Fine Silver foil and Val Cox Frit

On a base of CiM's Olive green, 99% fine silver foil was added and layered with Val Cox Purple Rose frit. The combination was then melted into the surface and the beads
were tumble etched for a smooth tactile feel.  Each micro-drop of silver has taken on a golden glow.

Carnivale Shimmer
Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy and Double Helix glasses and 99% fine silver

This set of 10 handcrafted beads combine lots of fine silver and striking silver glass shards! On a base of CiM's Hippo opaque glass, fine silver foil was melted in. Shards of Double Helix Terranova 2.1 silver infused glass was added and struck to bring out the amazing hues of magenta, blue and green. The silver microdroplets have a stunning golden sheen to complete each bead.

Goddess Bead Series #131

"Greek myth name of the mother of Aphrodite. The name is a feminine form of Zeus."

Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy, Effetre and Double Helix Glasses

This set of 10 goddess series beads was created on a base of CiM's Hippo opaque grey glass. Each goddess bead was then layered with dots of Effetre Dark Ivory, White, Double Helix silver glass, Kalypso. The combination of the glasses create the multi-hued portals captured under each clear glass dot. Double Helix Aurae completes the highlight droplets on each bead.

Pale Green Love Sonnet
Materials: Effetre Glasses and Pendragonfyre frit

On a canvas of Effetre Light Emerald Green Yellow over a white opaque core, these 9 beads were sprinkled with a custom Pendragonfyre frit blend to create this Love Sonnet inspired set of beads that have been etched to a tactile smooth feel. This frit is my own hand blended glass frit to create these patterns that resemble garden flowering vines and lattice. Six Light Emerald Green Yellow spacers are included in this set.

Pink Blooms Nuggets
Materials: Effetre Glass and Valerie Cox Frit

If you love pink, you will love these 7 nuggets. On a base of Effetre Rose Quartz transparent, Val Cox Pink Lipstick frit, a fine mix of pink opaques was sprinkled and melted into the surface.

Etched Tapestry Organix Barrels
Materials: Effetre Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

Various bases of Effetre glasses were combined with fine silver foil and wire and sprinkled with my own hand blended glass frit to create this organic set of beads.
Glasses include Effetre Mint Green Opal, Violet, Opal Yellow and Light Turquoise. These barrel beads were tumble etched to a smooth matte organic feel.


  1. I love your beads and colour selection - so just letting know that I have nominated your blog for a Kreativ Blog Award - you can check it out on my page. - Cheers Tania

  2. Thank you Tania. Love the collaboration that fellow bloggers do for each other!