Sunday, June 17

A birth of a new series of beads?

I have been playing with silver foil and frit combinations lately. Some of the beads look very medieval and dragon-like.... Let me know what you think, (with a comment) and maybe this style will become the next Pendragonfyre limited numbered series!

Have an awesome week!

All Sets within this post are NOW SOLD

Golden Purple Dragonscales

Can you imagine a golden purple dragon?  If one existed, I imagine it to look like these beads!

Materials: Effetre Glass, Fine Silver foil and Val Cox Frit

On a base of Effetre New Violet opaque, 99% fine silver foil was added and layered with Val Cox Purple Rose frit. The combination was then melted into the surface and the beads
were etched for a smooth tactile feel. Each micro-drop of silver has taken on a golden glow.

Pale Rose Pink Love Sonnet
Materials: Effetre Glasses and Pendragonfyre frit

On a canvas of Effetre Rose Quartz over a white opaque core, these 7 beads were sprinkled with a custom Pendragonfyre frit blend to create this Love Sonnet inspired set of beads that have been etched to a tactile smooth feel. This frit is a custom handmix that includes Raku and rare Purple Rose to create these patterns that resemble garden flowering vines and lattice. Four Rose Quartz spacers are included in this set.

Silver Glass Selection
Materials: Effetre and Double Helix Glasses
This set of hand-formed beads was created on a base of Effetre clear glass on which a custom mix of Double Helix silver glass frit was sprinkled. This mixture of Triton, Kronos, Gaia, Psyche, Ekho and Aurae was reduced and encased under clear glass to create these one of a kind patterns.

Goddess Bead Series #130

"Roman myth name of a goddess of childbirth, derived from the Latin word lucus, meaning grove"

Materials: Vetrofond, Effetre and Double Helix Glasses

This set of 8 goddess series beads was created on a base of Vetrofond Medium Topaz transparent glass. Each goddess bead was then layered with dots of Effetre Dark Ivory, Wine Red Brown, stormed Trautman Zeus silver glass with Double Helix silver activator to bring out the colors of this glass when it is reduced and encased.
The combination of the glasses create the multi-hued portals captured under each clear glass dot. Double Helix Aurae completes the highlight droplets on each bead.

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