Wednesday, June 22

Summer is officially here!

It is amazing how great it is to take a weekend and just relax. It is the best therapy sometimes for a creative block. 
This past week was my "therapy session" spent at a cottage with no internet access. It forced me to just relax and let my mind wander from the busy work week and the "off to the studio" weekends. 
The pace of balancing both a day-job and making beads for Pendragonfyre fans can drain one's batteries without a "recharge break".

I am glad to say that it was definitely worth it (thanks Bernie!) and I am starting to work on some new sets this week, so stay tuned to this blog!

Here are the current items on Ebay that will be closing for auction Sunday evening. 
Have a great week and happy bidding!


All Sets within this blog post are now SOLD

Our Love
Limited Edition #1

This bead set is set #1 of 2 Our Love bead sets that was published in the national magazine, Bead Trends - March 2010 issue.

Materials: Effetre Glass and Double Helix Glasses

Starting with an inner core of Effetre Pastel Ink Blue Purple, the four focal barrel beads of this set were generously sprinkled with a custom blend of Double Helix silver infused frit. After reducing the beads to bring out the beautiful colors of blue and purple, each bead was encased in Effetre clear to capture the opal-like shine of the silver glass and was shaped into the round barrel shape.
To bring out the true bling of these beads, hand-drawn dots of Triton silver glass were scattered on these beads and reduced to bring the golden shine to the surface.

Bright Blooms

Materials: Bullseye Glasses

Set of 7 floral beads - Hole Size: 1.5mm (1/16 mandrel)

Base: Bullseye Rhubarb Pastel
Floral decorations created with: Bullseye Light Fuschia, Spring Green & White Pastel

Love Affair
Love Sonnet Series #16

Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy Glass and Mixed Raku Glass Frit

Starting on a base of CiM Plum Unique#3, handmixed Pendragonfyre Love Sonnet frit including Gaffer and Raku was sprinkled to create these 13 romantic round and lentil shaped beads. Perfect for the spring and summer season!
Four spacer beads are included in this set.

Heavenly Shards

Materials: CiM- Creation is Messy and Double Helix Glasses

This mini set of 7 shard beads were created on a base of not yet released CiM Marble Limited Run. Handmade shards of Aurae were added and reduced to bring the shine to the surface.

I was fortunate to receive 2 rods for testing from CiM and I can't wait to purchase this when it is introduced this summer.
This glass is a milky white in the rod that turns a marble-like white after emerging from the kiln. The Aurae silver glass gently fumes the Marble to an antiqued golden hue
and brings out a slight pinky glow to the shards.

Watercolor Focals#3

Materials: Effetre and Double Helix Glasses

This is the 3rd and final set in this series

This set of 5 hand-formed flat beads were created on a base of Effetre clear glass on which a custom mix of Double Helix silver glass frit was sprinkled.
This mixture of Gaia, Triton, Psyche and Kronos were reduced and encased under clear glass to allow the pattern to seem to blow like petals in the wind.

Crème Caramel
Silverdrops Series

Materials: CiM- Creation is Messy and Double Helix Glasses

This set of 10 Silverdrop beads were created on a base of very rare CiM Pumpkin Unique #1. This glass resembles the color of the top layer of a great Crème Caramel !!

Dots of Aurae were added and reduced to bring the shine to the surface.
Four spacer beads are included in this set.

Summer 2011 Goddess Orphans

Materials: Effetre, CiM, Double Helix, TAG & Precision Glasses

This abundant 21 bead set is an eclectic assortment of various Goddess Beads beads. The uniqueness of each goddess bead allows the designer to create a truly one of a kind piece of precious glass jewelry.

Each bead uses an base of Effetre or CiM glass with portals of silver infused glass encased in clear to capture the richness of each silver droplet.

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