Tuesday, April 5

April's Ebay postings for week 1

These new auction items on Ebay closing Sunday April 10th!

Silver Blooms
Watercolor Focals # 2
This bead is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre and Double Helix Silver Glasses

This silver watercolor focal bead combined a pale green yellow core on which combinations of Double Helix silver glasses including Clio, Aurae and rare Psyche Light. Handmade silver murrini were carefully added, reduced and struck to bring a multitude of silver hues to the surface.
The watercolor like florals were then captured under a clear glass encasement and dots of glittering Aurae were added to complete the bead.
Only 5 beads were created in this series, be sure to get one before they are gone!

Rainbow Sprinkles
This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre Glass and Pendragonfyre glass frit

On a base of Effetre white, handmixed rainbow colors of glass frit were melted into the surface to create this set of 17 beads.
Bright and full of cheer for the spring and summer season!

Tangerine and Lime
This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre and CiM- Creation is Messy Glasses

Bright and alive with color, this set combines 2 of the hottest shades of the season, lime and orange. CiM's Poison Apple and Creamsicle paired with Effetre Lime transparent.
Dotted with Effetre white and paired with solid rounds, this set has lots of beads for your spring and summer creations.
A selection of spacer beads complete this set!

Silvered Cubes
This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre and Double Helix Glasses

This set of 8 encased hand-formed cube beads were created on a base of rare Double Helix silver glass, known as TE-315.

Each bead core was reduced to createthe subtle variations in color. Each result was then captured under a thick encasement of Effetre clear glass. The metallic shine from within these cube beads is amazing!

This set is NOW SOLD
Silvered Ivory Organix Series #2

Materials: Effetre and CiM- Creation is Messy Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

Silvered Ivory handmade stringers are made by combining fine silver and Effetre Ivory. Combine this with the shades of bright summer soltice and this 27 bead set was born.
Lots of variety in shapes and sizes with hues including Effetre Pea Green, Periwinkle, Light Red and CiM Creamsicle Unique#2 and Fremen.

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