Monday, February 21

New CiM Glass colors - let the testing begin!

Within this posting, I want to share with you a couple of new upcoming colors of CiM - Creation is Messy glasses coming out in the next month of so:
The first two that I have tried out are beautiful blue green opals, Rainforest and Atlantis.
Both of these new sets are now offered in my Artfire studio.

First up, Rainforest is described as a greenish teal opal.
When I think of the rainforest, I imagine rich greens paired with wood tones of brown, so I decided to match this glass with some handmade Raku glass shards. I really like the result!

Amazon Rainforest

Next up....CiM's new bluish teal opal. Atlantis.
This is a great glass to mix with silver glass shards... and in the set below I couldn't resist using Double Helix Triton, named for the mythic god of the sea!

Atlantis & Triton

Next up for testing, CiM's new Appletini and Azure.. stay tuned!


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