Sunday, September 27

2 New Sets from the Kiln

Silver Cinnamon & Spice

Materials: ASK 104 & Effetre Glasses
This Set is Now SOLD
This Holiday inspired set of 15 beads were created with a combination of Effetre's Light Chestnut Brown and ASK 104 Silver Cinnamon. This beautiful silver infused cinnamon glass is no longer available, but I have some in reserve to create these designs for you!

This set is Now On E-bay

Ravenna, Italy is famous for its stunning 5th-6th century mosaics that decorate the
walls of its churches and monuments. Eight of Ravenna's monuments are
designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Ravenna was the western seat of the Roman Empire and the capital of the Byzantine Empire Europe from the 5th to 8th centuries.

Ravenna is near the Adriatic coast in the Emilia Romagna region of northeastern Italy.

The blues, greens and gold tones of these mosaics have inspired this set.
To see some of the mosaics from Italy, click here.

This Set is NOW Sold
Materials: CiM & Double Helix Glasses plus 99% Pure Silver Foil

This set is created on a base of CiM's Unique Elphaba 2 (very rare glass) upon which
99% pure silver foil was generously covered.
Double Helix silver glasses, Gaia and Nyx were sprinkled and reduced to a
gleaming metal surface. The micro droplets of silver have been fumed to by the
silver glass to a golden cast.

Simply beautiful pieces of art glass.

When this set is added to e-Bay in a few weeks from now, it will include unique
focal beads of an ancient old world look to coordinate with the bead set of rounds and cubes.

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