Thursday, September 10

New Sets - Upcoming on E-Bay

E-Bay has been busy as ever and now that we are into the fall 2009 season, Pendragonfyre will be posting auctions each Sunday evening.

Clients are asking what is coming up for future auction items, so I have decided to use my blog more effectively to preview future e-bay set offerings.

Here is the first sneak peek!

Ekho Scrolls
Materials: CiM & Double Helix Glasses


The antique look is captured in this set of barrel and round scrolls beads. On a base of CiM Canyon de Chelly, the glass was gently fumed when the DH Ekho was reduced to bring the shimmering metallic glow to the surface.
The Ekho glass has an opalescent quality that is different than the metallic shine of Double Helix's other popular glasses, Aurae and Triton.


Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses


This set was created with a base of Cobalt Blue transparent glass with swirls and twists of Double Helix's Aion and Kronos silver infused glasses.
The DH glasses were reduced and were encased with clear glass to capture the silver reactions. They seem to capture a universe within each sphere and cube bead.

Pocahontas - the American Princess

Tiara Series #14
CiM & Double Helix Glasses


"Princess Matoaka, also called Amonute was born in 1595. She was a daughter of Wahunsunacock, also known as Chief Powhatan, who ruled an area encompassing almost all of the neighboring tribes in the Tidewater region of Virginia.

'Pocahontas' was a childhood nickname referring to her frolicsome nature; in the Powhatan language it meant "little wanton". In her last days she went by the name Rebecca Rolfe.

Many believe that she saved the life of Captain John Smith from being killed by her father. Later she warned the English colonists at Jamestown of a planned Indian ambush. She also helped in the dealings between the colonists and her father, Chief Powhatan.

The life of Pocahontas has formed the basis of many legends. Her story became the source of much romantic myth making in the centuries following her death and is very important in American history. On the other hand, Americans of European descent regard Pocahontas as a savior of their own race and a fore-mother of the United States."

This set is inspired by this American female icon.
CiM's new brown transparent, Maple, provides the canvas for a new issue of the popular Tiara series. Paired with Double Helix Aurae, this set is perfect for fall 2009.

Asian Kimono
Materials: CiM, Effetre and ASK 104 Glasses


CiM's Lipstick, an opaque brick red glass, is is the base for swirls of Intense Black, ASK Silver Cinnamon and Goldstone Filigrana. This flat tab beads are a rich and a great addition for Fall 2009 jewelry creations. Complimented by Lipstick and Silver Cinnamon spacers, the colours will carry you through fall and winter 2009.

A closeup of the bead to show the detailing of the colour swirling!

I invite you to join the followers of Pendragonfyretales to get updates as new bead sets are posted. Get your sneak peeks before they hit E-Bay!


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