Tuesday, July 7

Back at the dayjob!

Well my vacation to my torch ended on Sunday, so Monday morning I was back at the computer working on my IT dayjob duties.

The week away from the office was refreshing, unfortunately, it rained all week and now it feels like September outside here in New Brunswick. I am hoping it warms up by this coming Saturday as my daughter is very excited waiting for the Paul McCartney concert in Halifax. She has been a big fan for so many years!

I wanted to share the other bead set photos just recently closed and sold on ebay.

Enjoy and have a good week!

Ode to Psyche
This set is now SOLD
CiM Black Currant Unique, Effetre Opal Yellow and Double Helix Psyche

The Tudor King
This set is now SOLD
CiM Pumpkin Unique 1, Effetre Wine Red, Avocado & handpulled Dark Ivory Silver Stringers
Middle Earth Raku
This set is now SOLD
CiM Pumpkin-Unique 1, Effetre Wine Red, Lichen and Raku Shards

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