Wednesday, July 1

New Bead Sets !

I am enjoying some time off this week from the day job... they call it "vacation".... but in reality, I call it extra time to torch and make beads!...

Here are the latest sets to be posted today on e-bay, as well as one set that will be reserved for a future ebay posting.

Til later in the week!

Princess Bride - Tiara Series #9
This set is now SOLD
CiM Halong Bay and Double Helix Aurae

Caramelized Sugar
This set is now SOLD
Effetre glass , 99% pure Silver Foil and Glass Diversions Hawaiian Sunset Frit

Silver Peacock Mosaic
This set is now SOLD
CiM Peacock Green glass, 99% Silver Foil,
Silver Wire & Glass Diversions Peacock Frit

This set, named Spanish Queen, is now posted on Ebay!
Spanish Queen - Tiara Series #10
CiM Glass - Sangre & Double Helix Aurae

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