Sunday, September 10

Sunday Round Up - Tumbling Effetre Opaque Glasses

Today's post is showing three sets of Effetre opaque round glass bead sets that have been tumbled to create a natural stone like finish. 
Many jewelry designers will use these with semi precious stones to create a mixed media design.
I do not use etching chemicals as I prefer a more natural process and do not like to have harsh chemicals in my studio.

Tumbling is a process of polishing or smoothing objects by placing them in a rotating barrel with abrasive media, such as sand, grit, or ceramic pellets. 
The friction and impact of the media against the objects gradually wears away the surface, creating a smooth or shiny finish. 
However, if the objects are made of glass, tumbling can also create an etched effect, because the abrasive media removes the glossy layer of the glass and exposes the underlying layer, which has a different refractive index. 
This makes the glass look less transparent and more opaque, giving it a soft and velvety appearance.

First up, Effetre Sage Green #211 opaque glass is a type of glass that has a smooth and uniform surface, with a rich and deep green color. 

It is made by adding copper oxide and iron oxide to molten glass, which gives it its opacity and hue in tones of green and brown.

Next is a favourite Effetre base glass that most beginner bead makers use for practice beads - Light Turquoise opaque # 232. 
A simplicity in its blue green color allows it to be used in so many types of designs. 

As it has so many traits of reactivity with other glasses, I sometimes like to create simple rounds to really show off the color.

Finally, Effetre Violet #272 opaque glass has a vibrant, rich deep purple color. 
These spacers are small enough to fit in between other beads or wirework, but not too small that they disappear. 

They are perfect for creating necklaces or bracelets with a variety of styles and colors.

These glasses are all very affordable and available at Nortel Glass in Toronto for less than $30 CAD a pound (based on their current online shopping portal). Reach out to Jean or Jennifer at Nortel to add or restock some of these glasses to your collection.



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