Sunday, July 16

CiM - Creation Is Messy's Denim Glass with Double Helix Silver Glass Frit

Just a few beads to share on this mid July Sunday. 

The forecast here in New Brunswick is for rain which is a pleasant change from the heat wave over the past 2 weeks.

The glass frit bead set for this week is highlighting Double Helix frits and powder over a base glass of CiM - Creation Is Messy's Denim. It is described as a transparent denim blue.

As CiM Denim is quite saturated, I decided to create these beads with a base of clear glass with an encasement of Denim. 

Layers of rare Double Helix Kronos powder and medium grind frit was added and melted in. 
I then rolled the bead in Double Helix Zephyr coarse glass frit.

This technique set some of the base glass as pools of dark blue before I reduced the overall bead and encased fully with a rod of Zephyr.

The silver glass patterns emerged with shades of blues, greens and creams in lovely pools of light.
A final shape to rectangle and cubes finished these unique beads.

I made a few spacers beads of CiM Denim that are very dark but look lovely along with the beads and the faceted crystals that I added to each end of the string.


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