Monday, February 5

Pendragonfyre is featured in BeadFX Inspiration Page!

So excited to share this news with you!

If you have been following my blog you have no doubt seen my Carole big hole bead necklaces. The design was created and named after a dear friend.
Many clients have embraced the design as a way to display their big hole beads in a simple yet elegant way with the option of switching up their bead selection in a quick and easy way.

On my recent visit to Toronto, I was introduced to a fellow lamp work artist, Dwyn Tomlinson and she asked about the design and whether I was willing to share the "secret". In the spirit of all I do through this blog, I always believe "sharing" is better than waiting for it to be "picked up" by another artist or website.

Dwyn was very gracious to highlight my design on the BeadFX website's Inspiration pages this past weekend. Please check it out along with lots of other bead related inspiration ideas!

If you are looking to purchase a necklace or some spare beads, please contact me through my Facebook page. 

Carole Collection Necklaces currently available can be viewed here!

Stay Tuned this week for new glass testing I am doing for Nortel, as they have created new sampler kits of CiM-Creation Is Messy glasses. These samplers are perfect for trying out a group of colors without having to commit to the usual quarter of a pound.

Happy Monday!

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