Wednesday, February 21

Beads Created in Honour of Bella!

Last weekend, I was honoured to be asked to create some memory beads for a friend in honour of a dear pet that had passed away. 

The process of including a pet's ashes in a handmade bead allows the wearer to hold the memory of their pet near as a touchstone in a piece of jewelry.

A small amount of cremated remains are infused into the molten glass as it is wound on the mandrel creating a beautiful piece of art.

I wanted to share some photos of this beautiful creature and the beads that were created for her dear family. 

Thank you Matt for allowing me to write this post and I am happy to say that in exchange for my time and materials, the family has made donation to the local SPCA in memory of beautiful Bella.

For her Dad, a keychain and a bead on a chain.

For her Mom, a Carole necklace with interchangeable beads.

To complete the set, a dedicated bead on a chain for each Bella's 2 human brothers.

Bella's memory will live on in these beads and in the hearts of her family and friends!

Much love,

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