Tuesday, May 16

Summer Bead Sets - Pastels and Silver

This post is to share some new interchangeable necklace beads for summer.
Pastels are always beautiful for summer.
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The set below features a focal bead with lots of stormed and reduced silver glass encased under a clear glass. It glows with pinks, purples and blues.
The spacers are CiM Bubblebath Ltd Run, a pale opal purple.

CiM Bubblebath Ltd Run is just a wee bit fussy with 99% fine silver wire when it is melted in and the silver takes on a slight golden fume as seen in the photo below.

In the set below, CiM Bubblebath Ltd Run runs in a narrow trail in the focal bead between shoulders of CiM Cornsilk Ltd Run. Cornsilk is a soft opal yellow glass that really compliments the pale purple and silver wire surface decoration.

CiM Cornsilk Ltd Run is not reactive to silver so the beads with 99% fine silver wire really glow with it's soft yellow hues.

Last set for today is another pastel for those love blue-greens. This shade of CiM - Creation is Messy glass is appropriately named Spearmint Ltd Run

Beautiful sets for summer 2017!

Have a great week!

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