Tuesday, March 28

New CiM Color for Spring 2017 - Chartreuse

Spring is definitely on it's way and that means another new green from CiM - Creation Is Messy!

This post introduces Chartreuse.

CiM's Chartreuse is an interesting color that I have experimented with some silver glass to see if it mixes well without reaction.
In the photo below, you get a preview of the color in solid spacers. It is definitely a lime green opal glass. Bright and sunny!
The bump bead has silver glass dots encased in clear bumps to magnify the reaction.

These single beads were experiments with Double Helix silver glass murrinis that were melted in and swirled. No adverse reaction between the glass and Chartreuse base glass.

This last bead has lots of silver Double Helix glass swirled and worked into the base Chartreuse glass. The bead was bathed in a quick reduction flame to bring out the silver oil slick reaction.
Side 1

Side 2

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