Sunday, December 6

As 2015 Slips Away, Time to Get Back to the Studio!

Hello and Happy December!

I am back to the torch after a long hiatus of travel and well just life in general.

I have been testing a number of CiM - Creation is Messy glasses so let's get right to the results! Over the next several posts, I will share my experience with my favourite lamp working glasses!

First set is beads is a limited run of pink transparent glass named Paris!

It is a lovely warm pink that is great as a base for glass frit such as the middle bead where I sprinkled a mixture of Val Cox Rio Nights and Double Helix silver glass Aurae medium frit.

The next glass is CiM Green Lantern. This limited run glass is described as a A green moonstone that is difficult to strike. It is a fresh clean "non-yellow" based green transparent.

This photo highlights how CiM Green Lantern can be used as a base glass for encased frit beads as well as silver glass reactions captured under clear glass portals.

Double Helix silver glass Aurae medium frit loves CiM Green Lantern and creates shine without over fuming the glass with yellow tones.

You will note a few bubbles in the glass in this Double Helix silver glass Triton raised dotted cube bead which may be the result of myself working it in a hotter flame.

The final set to share with you today demonstrates two limited run glasses that work well with silver glass and fine silver wire.  CiM's Moccasin and Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus is a faded blue-toned green melts beautifully and as you can see from the photo below layers with fine silver foil and my hand blended Pendragonfyre frit that I use in my Dragonscale beads.

Moccasin is a light opaque brown that melts without shocking and loves 99% fine silver foil and wire as well.

There is a reaction between the 99% fine silver wire against the two glasses, however in this mix of Dragonscale fritted beads, the look works for a rustic natural style.

Bye for now!

Pendragonfyre Designs

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