Sunday, March 22

New CiM Glass Testing: Zoe, Chateau, Duck Egg and Nimbus

In this post, I wanted to share with you some of the recent glass testing for brand new CiM glass colors.

Using these new CiM - Creation Is Messy glasses as bases for each design, I paired them with silver using either Double Helix Aurae silver infused glass or handmade Silvered Ivory stringers.

CiM Zoe Ltd Run
A transparent blue described by one tester as Zoe is a bright aqua color. With a more intense saturation than Frost, I would classify the color as lighter version of Pulsar.

In this bead set, streams of Double Helix Aurae  was added to create texture and shine.
The result is a beautiful combination ready for any jewelry design!

CiM Chateau Ltd Run
A transparent brown with champagne tones, a lighter version of  CiM's rare Sepia.

Paired with Double Helix Aurae glass frit, the result was a glittery yet delicate texture. The Chateau remained true to its color with little fuming from the silver glass.

CiM Duck Egg Ltd Run
An opaque soft blue that in itself was a true blue, but shifts to a soft green when mixed with silver infused glass.
In comparing Duck Egg on its own as spacers, the color is on the blue side, although these spacers were in the kiln near the silver glassed fumed beads as well. 
When mixed with combinations of silver glass and ivory, the base glass is fumed to shift the color to a opaque golden green pastel.

 In this bead set, stormed portals of silver glass were created and captured under clear glass portals.

CiM Nimbus Ltd Run
This glass is best described as a dark, stormy blue-grey opal glass by one tester.

To create the two sets below, I paired Nimbus with handmade silvered ivory stringers. The 99% fine silver in my stringers seemed to further darken Nimbus as a base glass to a deep navy grey black.

To my eyes, they are a deep navy grey that contrasts well with another grey opaque CiM glass named Cobblestone Ltd Run. The Cobblestone bead was highlighted with dots of Double Helix Aurae and reduced to fume the base glass and turn the dot's surface to a metallic shine.

Hope you try some of these new colors from CiM - Creation Is Messy in your bead designs!

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