Sunday, December 19

One week to Christmas.... already planning for 2011

When the days countdown to Christmas, it always gets me thinking ahead to the new year. 

New Year's eve is special to me as it is my wedding anniversary and this year we are celebrating 11 years! Although we joke that it feels like 20 years, really the time has gone by so quickly. My children, from a previous marriage, are all grown and beginning their own lives, so my husband and I have more free time to pursue our personal past-times. 
For him, it is competitive bowling.... or me, the glass torch! It is a good balance, as Saturdays are our days for fun, holding Sundays for family day traditions.

As we head to 2011, reflect on what things truly make "you" happy. Explore new interests or uncover old traditions. Devote some time for your "heart and soul", as it deserves the open exploration to fulfill your true passion.

As the next couple of weeks will be busy times with family and friends, there are just a few new sets for this week!

New on Artfire - A set of 3 focal flat beads

Pink Silver Light Sonata
This set is NOW SOLD 
Materials: CiM, Effetre and Double Helix Glasses

Starting with an inner core of CiM Pink Champagne, a pink transparent glass, these beads were generously sprinkled with a custom blend of Double Helix silver infused frit, including Clio, Aurae and T-315.
After reducing the beads to bring out the beautiful colors of blues and roses, each bead was encased in Effetre Rose Quartz to capture the opal-like shine of the silver glass and was shaped into the flat shape.
To bring out the true bling of these beads, hand-drawn dots of Aurae silver glass were scattered on these beads and reduced to bring the golden shine to the surface.

NOTE: In the photos, the bottom view is back-lit to show the rose lavendar transparent interior of the beads. As with most lavender glasses, there is a slight color shift depending whether the lighting is natural or artificial.

New on E-Bay closing Dec 26th

Gunmetal Rounds
This set is NOW SOLD 
Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy Glasses

This generous set of 16 round beads was created with CiM Gunmetal glass.
This glass creates mottled shine to matte metallic finish with hues of
grey silver, golden bronze to metallic pink.
These would be great combined with Hematite stones in a jewelry creation.

Stock up on rounds for your winter jewelry designs!

Blueberry Marble
This set is NOW SOLD 
Materials: Effetre Glasses

This generous set of 24 round beads was created with Effetre
Blueberry Marble glass. This glass creates mottled light pearl white
beads with blueberry purple striations with an organic stone-like finish.
These beads have been etched for a tactile feel!

Stock up on rounds for your winter jewelry designs!


Silvered Murrini Barrels
This set is NOW SOLD 
Materials: CiM & Double Helix Glasses

This set of round barrel beads was created with a CiM glass base of Tuxedo black.
Handmade glass murrini swirls of Double Helix silver glasses were
melted into the surface and reduced to bring out the silver shine of
greens and blues with shiny dots of Triton silver glass.

Included in this set are 8 spacer beads of Triton silver glass reduced to pure shine!

Goddess Bead Series #70
This set is NOW SOLD 

"Finnish myth name of the mother of Lemmink√ɤinen, meaning love"

Materials: CiM, Effetre, Trautman Art & Double Helix Glasses

This set of 11 goddess series beads were created on a base of CiM Sapphire blue transparent glass with layered dots of Effetre Dark Ivory & CiM Hades.
Trautman Art Glass rare silver infused Absinthe creates the swirls in each storm portal.

Highlights of
Double Helix silver glass, Triton, create
the bling for this beautiful storm portal beads!


Silver Plum
 Silver Trails Series # 41
This set is NOW SOLD 

Materials: Effetre, CiM Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

Shades of purple plums combine in this set of 21 Silvertrail
beads wrapped with 99% Fine Silver Wire.
A selection of beads include a centre ring of Silvered Ivory
along with the fine silver wire.

Hues include CiM Plum Unique #1 & Unique#2 and Effetre Medium Amethyst.

These colors will bring light and warmth to your winter jewelry designs.

Silvered Celestial Teal
This set is NOW SOLD 
Materials: Effetre Glass, Frit and Silver Foil

This unique set of 10 round beads was created with an
Effetre Light Teal transparent glass base.
99% Fine silver foil was burnished to the hot surface and then rolled
in Glass Diversions frit named Celestial.

The silver foil has raised to the surface of the bead creating
framing around the melted frit, resembling stained glass windows!

Add some glitter to your winter jewelry designs.  

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