Thursday, December 30

On a completely different topic....

For those of you that follow my blog, you my have seen some posts concerning my "other" favorite thing other than beadmaking.... Rob Thomas and his music.

This was his twitter holiday greeting photo.... smiles!!

I have been thankful see and meet Rob in performance during his solo tour as well as touring with Matchbox Twenty. Over the years, his ability to write heartfelt songs and collaborate with other singers and songwriters makes him a true role model to young musicians making their way.  He is on the frequent (most of the time) playlist in the glass studio!

As a teenager, I grew up listening to Darryl Hall and John Oates (another favorite of mine!!)

You may be asking, where is this post going.... 

To celebrate the end of 2010, here is my present to you! The best of both worlds... Rob Thomas's visit to Darryl Hall's home.

This visit was filmed as an episode of his Live from Darryl's house internet show series. It combines Rob's music with conversation and even a cooking lesson!

The highlight below is Rob's version of Hall and Oates "Kiss On My List"...

Check out the whole show online

Enjoy the show and have a wonderful holiday weekend.... see you next year!



  1. Best version of this song, EVER! Thanks!

  2. I quite enjoy Rob Thomas and MatchBox20 so I thank you for this brief insight and amazing rendition of a beautiful song.