Monday, September 27

This Week's Offerings..

Out of the Ordinary

Materials: CiM, Effetre, ASK104 & Double Helix Glasses

A bead set that is totally unique and out of the ordinary!

Using shades of CiM's Olive opaque, Pumpkin Unique, Effetre Cocoa,

Medium Amber, Olive transparent, beads were mixed with
silver ivory
stringer and silver glass.

With lots of unique shapes, colors and textures, these beads
will create a
one of a kind jewelry piece of your personal style!


Goddess Bead Series #52

"Aztec Nahuatl myth name of a goddess of water and rivers,

and wife of Tlaloc, meaning jade skirt"

Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

Shades of blues, greens and violets storm within these beads

named after an ancient Aztec goddess.

This set of nine goddess series beads were created on a unusual
base of
Effetre Lemongrass with layered dots of Effetre
Dark Ivory glasses.

Double Helix silver infused glasses, Olympic Rain and Triton swirl
in storms under each clear glass portal.

This set also includes 2 spacer beads of Effetre
Lemongrass glass.
Highlights of DH Triton silver glass create
the bling for this beautiful storm beads!

Rose Glow

InnerGlow Series #8

Materials: Effetre Glasses

This nine bead set of etched beads seem to glow from the inside out!

Starting with an inner core of Effetre Rose, these beads were encased with

Rose Quartz and dotted with Effetre Dark Gray.

Six etched Rose Quartz spacers complete this set.


InnerGlow Series #9

Materials: Effetre Glasses

This 10 bead set of etched beads seem to glow from the inside out!

Starting with an inner core of Effetre Light Orange, these beads
were encased with
Straw Yellow and dotted with Effetre Violet.

Six etched Violet spacers complete this set.


Silver Trails Series #30

Materials: Effetre & CiM Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

This beadful set of 20 Silvertrail beads combine the various hues of

earth and stone wrapped with 99% Fine Silver Wire.

Hues include CiM's Pumpkin Unique, Effetre Fossil, Mudslide,

Opal Yellow, Rhubarb, Lime Sweet and Lichen.

Each of the beads within this set were gently etched
for a stone-like finish in your jewelry designs.

Mixed Organix

Materials: CiM, Effetre and 99% Fine Silver

This mixed set of glossy and etched beads combine colors of
sea, sky and stone.
Lots of variety in the cubes and round beads
that highlight 99% fine silver
wire, silvered ivory stringers and silver glass.

Hues include Effetre's Light and Medium Amber, Light Aqua,
Green Olive,
Dark Ivory, Sandstone, Lime Sweet, Coral,
ASK 104 rare Silver Cinnamon
and CiM's Olive opaque.

This mixture of etched and glossy beads will provide an earthy

contrast in your jewelry designs.

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